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Why you should choose us to help with your motorcycle crash

Why Utah Bike Law?

You have probably looked at other Utah motorcycle accident attorney websites and thought we all offer the same thing - "we will fight hard for you" - "we are the best" - "we... fill in the blank - bla-bla-bla"  

Well... I am telling you we are different from all the other Utah motorcycle accident lawyers and law firms who represent people and the families of people injured or killed in a Utah motorcycle crash.


I am the owner of Utah Bike Law. I am the attorney who owns the firm and I am the motorcycle accident attorney who handles your case. This is not so in the large personal injury firms where your case will probably be assigned to an associate or junior attorney. This means I have a vested interest in doing the best possible job I can for you - why - becasue Utah Bike Law is my firm and I care deeply about the outcome of your case.


I have been a Utah motorcycle rider for over 30 years.  I ride my motorcycle to work almost every day. I love riding my motorcycle. So what, you might ask. Well, I think it takes an Utah motorcycle accident attorney who rides a motorcycle to appreciate - I mean really appreciate - how the crash happened.  If you are not a motorcycle rider you can not understand, really understand, how the crash happened. This means I can make strong arguments in your behalf to get the best value for your case.


I am a registered nurse. This is important becasue, as a registered nurse, I can read your medical records and make sense of them and then use that knowledge to convince the insurance companies to pay fair value for your injuries from your motorcycle crash.  


You need a Utah motorcycle accident attorney who is skilled at taking cases to trial. This is important becasue insurance companies know the attorneys who will, and will not, take cases to trial. The insurance companies often pay more on claims when represented by an attorney who is ready, willing, and able to go to trial if necessary. Yes - we go to trial if necessary, however most cases settle short of trial. Having said that, the insurance companies will only pay top dollar if they know you will go to trial if necessary.

OK - we will stop blowing our own horn.  If you need help or just some simple straight answers about your Utah motorcycle accident case, contact us and we will be happy to help you out - however we can. By the way - if you are in a crash and need immediate help call 801-487-6454 and leave a message - the message goes directly to my cell phone and I will get back to you ASAP!

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