2015 Motorcycle Season

Posted by George Tait | Mar 21, 2016 | 0 Comments

As this summer riding season has essentially ended for me it is time for a little reflection on the past riding season.

I would love to say I am an experienced rider without insecurities when I ride, but that is not the truth. The truth is I have been riding for almost five years, however free time and responsibilities have kept me from riding as much as I would like and working on my skills as a rider that can only be developed on the road. I have realized that no matter your experience or skills, you will undoubtedly be accepted into the world of the motorcycle (biker) community.

This summer I have had the privilege of helping my dad, the owner of Utah Bike Law, who has helped sponsored several rides. I help in the booth/tent promoting his business. While helping out I have met some extraordinary people and had some great conversations. These “bikers” are a great group of people who want to help great causes in exchange for a ride with each other and a little bit of fun.

Usually when talking with other bikers I find myself introducing myself as a novice/inexperienced rider. There is no judgment or questioning of my skills, there is simply advice given and names exchanged or cards handed over in case I ever need someone to ride with. We talk to each other as equals and exchange stories of previous rides.

Prior to learning to ride and going out on organized rides I had the vision of bikers as a tough and rowdy group who were hard with weathered faces. I couldn't have imagined what the truth was. For the most part this is a group of men and women who may have tough exteriors, but inside have a soft spot for helping out the down-trodden, warriors returning from war, kids fighting cancer, and so much more.

On any given weekend during the summer there are multiple rides going on…and the tough decision is which ride you won't be attending. Some rides are newer than others, but deserve just as much consideration as the well established rides…but no matter which ride you go on you will be surrounded by like minded people who want to feel a little wind in their hair and asphalt under their wheels.

I am a fair weather rider (for now) so to those of you who ride year round, be safe! Hopefully I will see you all out on the road next year and you will help me get a few more miles under my belt!

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