Tips For Riding Safely in the Rain

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Riding a motorcycle in the rain is risky. Because of this, many motorcyclists go to great lengths to avoid riding in the rain. But, it's best to learn how to ride safely in rainy weather since there's always a possibility that you will get stuck in an unexpected rainstorm. Follow these tips to stay safe:

Steer Clear of Puddles

Puddles of water will start to form on the road during a rainstorm. Riding through a puddle may seem harmless, but it's not. Motorcyclists can only see the surface of the puddle, so there's no way to determine its depth. It's possible that what looks like a small puddle on the road is actually water accumulating in a deep pothole. There's also a chance that the puddle consists of oil, not water. The colors of the rainbow typically appear on the surface of oil puddles, but they can be had to spot when visibility is limited. For these reasons, it's best to steer clear of all rainwater puddles.

Apply Brakes Early and Gradually

Motorcyclists need to apply the brakes early and gradually to avoid sliding on the slick, wet roads. Leave plenty of space between your motorcycle and the car in front of you to ensure you will not have to slam on the brakes. Some riders also recommend applying more pressure to the rear brakes than the front brakes since it's easier to prevent the rear wheel from slipping and sliding on the road.

Find Dry Spots

Some parts of the road are wetter than others. Pay close attention to the road while riding in the rain so you can determine which parts of the lane are wet and which are dry. If there is an opportunity to move into a drier spot within your lane, take it. Continue to move into dry spots on the road until you have safely reached your final destination.

Wear the Right Gear

The key to staying safe in a rainstorm is wearing the right gear. Start by choosing a helmet that will make it easier to see the road through the storm. Do not wear a helmet with a dark-colored visor–choose one with an orange or yellow visor instead. Orange and yellow visors increase contrast to improve visibility when it's dark and stormy. You should also consider applying Rain-X or another similar product to your visor to prevent raindrops from blocking your vision. It's hard to concentrate on the road when you're soaking wet and freezing cold, so choose clothing items that are designed to keep you warm. Both your inner and outer layers should be clothing items that keep you warm and dry. Accessorize your clothing items with reflectors to ensure you are visible even when it's storming. Gloves are also an important part of staying warm in a rainstorm, so look for a pair that will keep you warm. It's recommended that you choose pair that is made out of waterproof material so the rain does not affect your ability to grip the handlebars.

Stay Calm

It's normal to get nervous while riding in the rain, but it's important for motorcyclists to remain as calm as possible. Nervous riders often make bad decisions and sudden movements that put them in danger. Being nervous can also wear you out faster, so you may not have the energy to make it all the way to your final destination. Keep calm and remember that it is possible to safely ride in the rain simply by following these tips! If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, seek legal representation as soon as possible. Let our experienced personal injury attorneys fight tirelessly to recover the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation with attorney George Tait at Utah Bike Law by calling 801-487-6454 or visiting us online today.

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