About George Tait & Utah Bike Law

George Tait in a suit
George Tait

In 2004, attorney George Tait created a new law firm – Utah Bike Law. We recognized a need in the local community for a law firm that was dedicated to helping injured motorcycle riders and their families get full compensation for their injuries. We knew insurance companies were taking advantage of bikers alleging they are always speeding or being reckless. Of course that is not the case. Insurance companies were also not compensating bikers the fair value of their bikes.

George Tait and his motorcycle
George and his Dyna

George knew there was a need because he is a motorcyclist and motorcycle friends injured in motorcycle crashes were asking him to represent them in their cases. Other firms just did not seem to understand that bikers were being taken advantage of. That was in 2004 and we have not looked back – motorcycle injury cases is what we do.

George and Brett at the Ride to Zero
George’s Daughter

We are accustomed to knowing what to do and we do it. Training to be effective trial lawyersΒ is an intellectual , physical and emotional journey. It is an honor to represent motorcycle riders. We are old school – we believe in honor and value and integrity and ethics that survives and indeed shines in the crucible of trial. Training and experience has forged us to be confident but never arrogant, bold but never reckless, prudent but never shy of reasoned risk, sagacious rather than shrewd, determined rather than willful, and in every case – ready, willing and able to kick ass.

Riding to the Ride for Kids in Vernal Utah
George’s son and daughter-in-law

Other personal injury law firms do not understand the nuances of representing motorcyclists and simply treated motorcycle cases like car crash cases. At Utah Bike Law all we do is represent injured bikers. We are your brothers on the road and in the case.

Before becoming an attorney, George was a Registered Nurse for over 15 years. The last years of his nursing career were in the University of Utah Burn Trauma Intensive Care Unit helping care for burn victims. George understands the serious injuries that result from a motorcycle crash. He can read the medical records and make sense of them because he was a nurse. This means he can put together a case that convinces the insurance adjusters to pay full compensation to you.

Summer 2014 around Sturgis and Mount Rushmore
George and Vida around Sturgis

George is also a long time (30 plus years) motorcycle rider and current owner of a Harley Low Rider that is his favorite motorcycle … for now.

Having visited most of the United States he has ridden in all kinds of weather and experienced all kinds of situations. This gives George an appreciation of what can happen and how crashes occur.



George and Utah Bike Law also support several charity motorcycle events across Utah. From Fallen Patriot Ride to the Ride for Zero we donate thousands of dollars every year to worthwhile causes.

George is also an active member of the American Association of Justice and the Utah Association of Justice helping to keep the doors of the courtroom to those who have been hurt by the negligence of others.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact George by calling 801-487-6454. He will fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.