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Category Archives: Accidents

Motorcycle Medical Insurance

By George Tait |

Hello fellow bikers, George Tait here, Utah Bike Law. You know there’s a thing when you’re in a car crash called PIP, personal injury protection. PIP kicks in to pay three thousand dollars’ worth of your medical bills regardless of who’s at fault. In a motorcycle crash, there’s no such thing as PIP, I… Read More »

Motorcycle Crash & Road Rash

By George Tait |

Hello follow bikers George Tait here, Utah Bike Law. You know, if you are in a motorcycle crash, chances are you’re going to be jacked up. Most injuries of motorcycle crashes occur to mostly to the legs, lower extremities. One common injury is road rash. Now you know, some bikers wear that as a… Read More »

Motorcycle Accident- Wrist Fractures

By George Tait |

Hello follow bikers George Tait here, Utah Bike Law. You know in these series of videos we have been talking about motorcycle injuries that visit you when you’re hit by somebody clse, be it a car or a truck, when on your bike. One of the most common injuries is to your hands or… Read More »

Motorcycle Accident – Spine Injury

By George Tait |

Hello follow bikers_ George Tait here, Utah Bike Law. We’re going to talk a bit about the injuries that visit bikers when they are crashed into by offending vehicles. One is spine injuries; spine injuries can be devastating; they can be acute. They happen after the crash, immediately after the crash, and they are… Read More »

Noneconomic Damages in a Motorcycle Accident

By George Tait |

Noneconomic Damages in a Motorcycle Accident Hello fellow bikers! George Tait here, Utah Bike Law. You know last week we talked about economic damages, the type of damages that you’re entitled to or due as compensation for past medical cost, future medical cost, past lost income and future lost income. You’re also due fair… Read More »


By George Tait |

I want to talk to you a minute about damages, damages in a motorcycle crash.  TWO TYPES OF HARMS IN A MOTORCYCLE CRASH  The typical motorcycle crash is caused by somebody OfCourse, somebody’s negligence while their looking down at their radio while turning left in front of you for example. You’re entitled for two types of damages; one is economic damages and the other is non-economic damages. In this video, were going to talk about economic damages.  WHAT ARE ECONOMIC DAMAGES  Generally, there’s four types… Read More »

Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

By George Tait |

Cheap Motorcycle Insurance Hello fellow bikers, George Tait here, Utah bike law. You know we get a question at the beginning of almost every motorcycle season, where do we get as bikers the cheapest motorcycle insurance? You know that’s not really the question you should be asking, the question you should be asking is… Read More »

Motorcycle Accident – Arm Surgery

By George Tait |

Motorcycle Accident-Arm SurgeryHello follow bikers—George Tait here with Utah Bike Law. You know last few weeks on this videoswe’ve been talking about injuries that visit bikers when they’vebeen hurt by somebody else. Long bones, the bones of yourfemur, your thigh bone, your tibia, your lower leg, your humerus,of theupper arm. Long bones take a… Read More »

Charity Motorcycle Rides

By George Tait |

Charity Motorcycle Rides  Hello fun all bikers, George Tait here with Utah bike law. Are you experiencing PMS? Part motorcycle syndrome? I know I am. I’m missing all my buddies and that, driving around, driving in grips, going to charity rides seeing everybody, it’s been a tough year man. Covid sucks, covid really sucks. You know what… Read More »

Motorcycle Injuries- Jaw Fractures

By George Tait |

Motorcycle Accident-Jaw Fractures Hello follow bikers—George Tait here, Utah Bike Law and were talking about the damages, the injuries that you can have when you’re in a motorcycle crash. You know, one (1) of the worst injuries you can have is to your jaw. A fractured jaw that injures the nerve during the crash… Read More »

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