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Adjusters Settle Claims


Your Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Utah will advise that usually an adjuster working for the insurance company has more authority to settle, or knowledge of that authority, than he or she admits.

Ascertaining an Authority

Even though the majority of adjusters are aware of the potential authority they can exercise in most cases, they will typically claim they must obtain authority or permission from the insurance carrier before they can settle the case. Your motorcycle accident lawyer in Utah may find it helpful to ascertain an authority figure by asking a question such as the following: “Ms. Defense Attorney, how much do you believe this claim is worth?” Depending on the type of liability, the claim size, and the magnitude of properly documented damages, your attorney should be able to add 50% to 100% more to the figure given. As the claim advances to trial, the adjuster’s figure may more closely approach an accurate figure, but he or she will always have the goal of trying to spare the insurance carrier money.

Why Adjusters for the Insurance Company Try to Settle Low

Your Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Utah knows that by winning verdicts and obtaining settlements for less than an authorized amount, defense attorneys maintain their insurance carrier clients and obtain new clients.

Settling your case for the amount you and your motorcycle accident lawyer in Utah request is not in the adjuster’s or Defense attorney’s best business interests. Their priority is satisfying the insurance carrier. Therefore, usually the only time they will pay the highest amount authorized is when they are convinced they may receive a substantial trial verdict.

Reaching a Settlement

Your Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Utah knows that small case claimants who decide to settle without litigation are usually more satisfied with the results than claimants who must litigate to win a verdict.

Even though some claimants may have second thoughts about the settlement reached in their small injury claim, most claimants realize that litigation and the emotional stress and difficulty attendant with it, is usually not worth the relatively small monetary difference that may be realized with a plaintiff’s verdict. Your motorcycle accident attorney in Utah will advise that a settlement of $16,000 is preferable to a verdict of $18,000 with interest following two or more years of depositions, discovery, harassment, as well as the difficult emotional drain that accompanies a trial.

Obtaining a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Utah

If you have a small injury claim you would like to discuss with an experienced and knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney in Utah, please contact attorney George Tait to request a free consultation. Call 801-487-6454 today.

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