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Defendant’s Role in a Motorcycle Personal Injury Claim

The party who caused the motorcycle accident is referred to as the defendant. The defendant does not play a big part in the initial stages of the motorcycle personal injury claim. However, if the case goes to trial, the defendant will be the main player.

Regardless of whether your claim is still in the early stages or at trial, your Utah motorcycle accident lawyers will be in direct contact with either the defendant or his or her insurance carrier.

Defendant’s Initial Role in the Claim

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered injuries as a result of another person, you will be suing the party responsible for the accident, known as the defendant. In the majority of cases, the defendant’s insurance company will assign an adjuster who will immediately contact the defendant to get a detailed report of the accident. The defendant’s statement will be recorded and later transcribed.

After this initial investigation, the defendant is generally in little or no contact with his or her insurance carrier. The motorcycle personal injury claim is generally handled only by the adjuster assigned to the case without any involvement from the defendant.

The Case Goes to Trial

If Utah motorcycle accident lawyers cannot come to an agreement with the adjusters in a personal injury claim, they will file a lawsuit against defendant personally. After the suit is filed, the insurance company assigns a defense attorney to handle the trial. Unlike the early stages of settlement where the defendant was not involved, once a lawsuit has been filed the defendant is expected to participate in the litigation process and cooperate with his or her attorney.


There are many different actors in different stages of a personal injury claim. Your Utah motorcycle accident lawyer can provide you more information as to what role each party plays, especially the role of the defendant or the party who caused the accident. For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Utah motorcycle accident lawyers, call George Tait today at (800) 953-4811.

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