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Freedom Of The Open Road

As bikers we will tell anyone that we ride to be free. I sometimes wonder if we all know what that means. Is it that on our motorcycles we are not caged in like those is cars, or is it something deeper in our soul?

This sense of freedom goes way back for me. I say way back because I am getting to be one of the gray haired bikers. I still remember riding my 175 enduro to junior high in the early 70s. I would park at Aunt Ethel’s house two blocks from the school so as not to have to explain my mode of transportation to the pricipal. No matter what kind of day this 14 year old had, I would look forward to my ride home. Not much has changed since then only now it is riding to work instead of school.

Road trips on a motorcycle are the true escence of freedom. You are one with your bike and your traveling companions. The people you meet on the road do not know your past and do not comprehend your future. You are truely living in the moment. You are only judged by what you are doing right now. Think about that for a minute. Most people you know on a daily basis whether they are family, friends, coworkers or aquantances, know something of your past through that relationship. They judge you. Strangers on the road only see you as you are.

Freedom of the road happens on a daily basis. You may plan how your day will happen but that seldom does. You will get hungry and stop at a roadhouse and get the best meal of your life only to find a few years later it is gone. The road changes constantly.

When traveling on my motorcycle I will sometimes stay at motels but I prefer to save the money and just have a nap beside my bike when traveling to a specific destination. Yes, my gray is showing again. I remember many night rides sleeping for an hour or two in my leathers, waking up refreshed to continue on my journey.

There have been the break downs with those willing to lend you a hand to get back on the road. Sometimes for free and sometimes for minimal cost. You see, everyone knows your freedom of the road and many envy it. They want to see you continue while they wish they could live like you do.

The free riding biker lifestyle is not for everyone by a long shot. For those that live it, it is the only way. What will happen in my life tomorrow? I do not have a clue I only look forward to it as I live in the moment of today.

Twisted Tom

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