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Motorcycle Touring

I love motorcycling – the open road, the sense of adventure, meeting new people, and freedom. We had no plans really except having to be in a certain town for the wedding of my nephew. Other than that we did not have to be anywhere at any certain time. We packed light and hit the road making it back to Salt Lake City 13 days later. We stayed in motels for the most part and visited family and old friends.

Here are the top ten things I learned:

  1. If mama ain’t happy – ain’t nobody happy.
  2. The price of the hotel is not necessarily indicative of the quality.
  3. Never met a motorcycle rider I didn’t like.
  4. Double bag your underwear.
  5. Even if you do not think you need your leathers – you need your leathers.
  6. Keystone, Spearfish, and Sturgis have changed a lot.
  7. Whoever said Montana is Big Sky Country is correct.
  8. Riding in the rain is tolerable but not preferred.
  9. You only need one pair of jeans – maybe only one pair of socks.
  10. When you return to where you grew up the town is in fact smaller.

I could go on and on about what to do and not do while riding on a long motorcycle trip but there are good sources all over the web for this.

We had a thoroughly great time. My words of wisdom? Get out there and enjoy the open road – there are great people to meet and wonderful places to visit.

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