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Charity Motorcycle Rides

Charity Motorcycle Rides 

Hello fun all bikers, George Tait here with Utah bike law. Are you experiencing PMS? Part motorcycle syndrome? I know I am. I’m missing all my buddies and that, driving around, driving in grips, going to charity rides seeing everybody, it’s been a tough year man. Covid sucks, covid really sucks. You know what mostly sucks for is the charity raising money for kids and so on you know, disabled people, veterans, and so on. You know every year we go to great lengths up in the wall behind me as I ride to zero. You know we had our ride this year and there’s like I don’t know, fifty (50) or sixty (60) people there. Twenty (20) bucks a head in donations you know that’s not much though you know. We just got to get back something near normal, we got to start having motorcycle rides, we got to be riding in grips together and be always mindful of covid OfCourse but we got to get together man.

Be careful out there guys, see you.  

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