Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

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Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

Hello fellow bikers, George Tait here, Utah bike law. You know we get a question at the beginning of almost every motorcycle season, where do we get as bikers the cheapest motorcycle insurance? You know that's not really the question you should be asking, the question you should be asking is where do I get the best motorcycle insurance. Nothing cheap is really worth it, you only get what you pay for. Now there's two (2) portions of your motorcycle insurance that's very important; Underinsured coverage and Uninsured coverage. Both of those are important for different reasons, underinsured coverage kicks in when the driver that hits you and causes injury doesn't have enough insurance to pay for all your medical bills, etc. The minimum insurance for the drivers in Utah is twenty-five thousand (25,000) bucks, twenty-five thousand (25,000) bucks disappears like that (clicks fingers) because chances are if you're in a motorcycle crash, you're going to be jacked up. The other insurance is uninsured coverage, that kicks in when the offending vehicle or driver hits you, causes injuries and they have no insurance at all. Latest statistics that I seen is that about twenty percent(20%)of Utah drivers are uninsured, they have no coverage. So what happens if they crash into you and cause you injury? Not much because usually they don't have any assets so you might be out of luck. So, you should but uninsured coverage, it turns in to your own insurance if you have it and you can buy it in increments of I want to say fifty thousand (50,000)bucks. Minimum insurance everybody should carry every motorcycle ride is probably two hundred fifty thousand (250,000) bucks. Because I've seen lots of people injured and chances are you're going to crash into a motorcycle and going to need extensive medical care so you need to look after yourselves you guys, and girls. So, that's the answer to my cheap motorcycle insurance question. If you need some help, oh by the way I don't sell any insurance whatsoever. I just handle crashes after the fact so I can advise you what insurance you should get, I do that for quite a few people actually, probably I don't know, probably twenty(20)or thirty (30) people a year you know. We look at their personal circumstances, see what kind of personal assets they have and see what kind of insurance you should have when driving your motorcycles. So if you're interested in that, give us a call, I'm happy to talk to you.

Otherwise, be careful out there, take care.

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