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Category Archives: Community

Utah on Pace to Set Record for Deaths on Motorcycles in 2018

By utahbikelaw |

Two more motorcycle related deaths over the weekend with one life hanging in the balance. Reading that sentence should send shudders down your spine, how can we prevent these fatalities? Looking at the details of the accidents, speed of the motorcycles seems to be a common factor. Being on the road is dangerous for… Read More »

A Motorcycle Record Not to be Proud Of

By utahbikelaw |

Recently, Utah has been on track to set a new record! You might be thinking, “What could that record possibly be?” You might think it’s for something amazing but sadly that’s wrong. As you can tell by the title, it is not a record to be proud of. The record that Utah is about… Read More »

What Triggers Motorcycle Accidents

By utahbikelaw |

Road Rage We found this video online recently. There are so many emotions that accompany this video. There is sadness, rage, disbelief, fear, disappointment and a million other emotions. This video is quite upsetting. Road rage is defined by “violent anger caused by the stress and frustration involved in driving a motor vehicle in… Read More »

Motorcycle Riders Express Frustration

By utahbikelaw |

Yesterday, local Utah bikers gathers outside of Caesar’s Motorcycle Parts & Service to discuss the outrageous amount of motorcycle deaths this year. Twenty-five people have been killed in motorcycle crashes in Utah. That is a higher number of deaths than most previous years in Utah. If the trend continues, this number will set the… Read More »

Upcoming July Events and Rides

By utahbikelaw |

As summer is in full swing, it is hard to keep every activity straight. We have done it for you for that reason! We know that summers are hectic and events tend to be overlooked. Take a look at these July events and mark your calendars! Angel’s Hand Foundation 16th Annual MC Ride July… Read More »

Moving Your Motorcycle Across the Country

By utahbikelaw |

It’s coming up to that time of year where many people are moving around the country. One of our employees is moving to Michigan this summer. There are so many moving parts to moving (no pun intended)! Your motorcycle is one thing that you need to bring to your new life but how? The… Read More »

Biking 101: Utah’s Motorcycle Laws

By utahbikelaw |

It’s midafternoon and you’re cruising down the highway on your new motorcycle, loving the feel of the fresh air whipping across your face. You’re lost in your thoughts and the gorgeous Utah scenery when suddenly–you hear a siren behind you. It takes a moment before you realize that a police car is stopping you…. Read More »

Upcoming June 2018 Rides

By utahbikelaw |

June is fast approaching and so are the rides that are happening! Here is a list of the events and rides that we have found in Utah! Message us on Facebook if you have any questions! We hope to see you at all the events! MDA Nostalgic Wendover Ride for the Cure June 2,… Read More »

Where Do Motorcycle Clubs Fit in the Motorcycle Community?

By utahbikelaw |

When we speak of the “motorcycle community” we mean everyone that rides a motorcycle. Whether your motorcycle is a sports bike or a cruiser, this is the motorcycle community of which we speak. A “motorcycle club” is a group of motorcycle riders within that community. Usually, with a close affiliation usually based on a… Read More »

Nut-Up Rally

By utahbikelaw |

Many different events happen in and around Utah. We tell you about the rides and the events coming up this year but one ride get its own spotlight. The NUT-UP Rally. This is a legendary ride that any biker would not dream of missing. Let’s explain how this rally works! NUT-UP “Ride” This is… Read More »

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