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Category Archives: Community

Upcoming Rides this Week and Next Week

By utahbikelaw |

We know we have a list of events and rides already but it’s hard to keep them all straight when there are so many. It’s overwhelming how many rides and events we have this week and next week but they will be great! All are for great causes! National Motorcycle Anti-Profiling & Freedom Day… Read More »

3 Reasons to Hire a Biker as a Motorcycle Attorney

By utahbikelaw |

When it comes to finding an attorney, you don’t want to make the wrong choice. Many lawyers say they have your best interests at heart and they know what you are going through. Most of the time that is not the case. However, here at Utah Bike Law we are actual bikers helping other… Read More »

Deadly Motorcycle Weekend

By utahbikelaw |

The weekend is usually when most crashes occur. Everyone is out of the office and trying to do errands or trying to relax. Negligence on the road seems to spike on the days we are trying to do the most things. However, these are not just fender-bender crashes; some crashes are fatal. Deadly Motorcycle… Read More »

The Start of Motorcycle Awareness Month

By utahbikelaw |

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month! Not only is this a great time for you to spread motorcycle awareness, it is also a great time for you to double check yourself. Sometimes it is easy to let yourself become lax in your safety precautions. It is extremely important to keep up on your safety routines… Read More »

Upcoming Rides this Weekend (May 3 – 6, 2018)

By utahbikelaw |

There are a few upcoming rides this weekend! It’s going to be an exciting weekend with these rides and the weather is not going to be too shabby! Utah Law Enforcement Memorial Service May 3, 2018 at the West Lawn of the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City, UT at 11:00 a.m. Please… Read More »

What to Get Your Biker Mother for Mother’s Day

By utahbikelaw |

We know that Mother’s Day is coming up! We also know that finding the perfect gift for the woman that raised you (or that you are super close with) is difficult. Here are a few ideas that we think that your mother will like on her special day: Sweat-Proof Makeup for Your Mother One… Read More »

Upcoming Rides We Sponsor

By utahbikelaw |

There are some upcoming rides that we here at Utah Bike Law sponsor. It’s important to be involved with the community that you are helping. As riders ourselves, we want to give back and support the community that we hold so dear. Shriners Utah Kids Ride One of the first rides that we are… Read More »

Crazy Motorcycle Facts

By utahbikelaw |

To break from the crashes and the mundane blogs, I thought that I would share some crazy motorcycle facts and tidbits of knowledge. Some of them are comical and some of are just crazy. I want you have some things to say next time you have a block party or ride with your friends…. Read More »

Motorcycle Profiling: It Happens More Often Than Not

By utahbikelaw |

There are many different kinds of profiling that we hear about mostly in the press. There are so many different areas of profiling it is hard not to see an end to profiling. One area that is not as “popular” or well-known is motorcycle profiling. This happens all the time and no one is… Read More »

Upcoming Utah Bike Rides and Events

By utahbikelaw |

Upcoming motorcycle rides and events that are happening all over Utah! We want you to be informed and mark these amazing events on your calendars! Marley’s Ride and Event August 11, 2018 at White Knuckle Motorcycle Repair and Accessories in Sandy, UT at 9:300 a.m. Marleys Ride Fundraiser. 16 month old warrior Marley needs… Read More »

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