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Complacent Ogden Driver Takes Leg of Motorcycle Rider


Map of motorcycle crash in Ogden Utah

The actual headline that appeared in The Salt Lake Tribune read “Man loses leg in Ogden motorcycle crash” but I thought my title is more accurate. Any motorcycle rider who is injured in a crash and ultimately has a limb amputated does not lose the limb. The limb is taken from him or her. You lose car keys or a baseball game. When a negligent driver takes a limb the injured person deserves to be compensated.

In this Ogden crash it appears that a man in a pickup truck was making a left turn off of Dan Street to head southbound on Washington Boulevard. The motorcycle was northbound on Washington.

One comment noted that Dan Street looks directly into the setting sun and this crash occurred at about 8 pm. The comment speculates that the driver of the pickup had his vision impaired. This may be true. Let’s even assume it is true. Let’s even assume that the sun blinded the pickup driver. The pickup driver should be no way excused from causing this horrific crash because of the sun. It is relatively simply – if you cannot see where you are going do not go – you might kill someone – or take someone’s leg.

Incidentally the driver of the pickup was 20 years old and the motorcycle rider is 24 years old. This is a tragic crash for the offender and the victim – they will never forget it. I just hope for both of their sakes that there is enough insurance coverage available to fully compensate the victim.

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