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Crazy Motorcycle Facts

Crazy Motorcycle Facts

To break from the crashes and the mundane blogs, I thought that I would share some crazy motorcycle facts and tidbits of knowledge. Some of them are comical and some of are just crazy. I want you have some things to say next time you have a block party or ride with your friends.

To Helmet or Not to Helmet?

There are different laws in the United States about wearing a helmet. There are only three states in the United States that do not require motorcycle riders to ride helmets. Those three states are Iowa, Illinois, and New Hampshire. Twenty-eight states require helmets for certain riders. Nineteen states, including the District of Columbia, require helmets for riders of any capacity (driver or passenger). Of course, when riding across the nation you should conform to the requirements of each state—PIA we know;))

Longest Motorcycle Ride

This is one of those facts that is hard to comprehend! Emilio Scotto holds the world record for longest motorcycle ride. This ride spanned over ten years, 279 countries and over 450,000 miles. What?! That’s almost half of my life! It’s almost like a Forest Gump story, ride and ride until you just don’t feel like it anymore.

How Many Registered?

As of 2016, California is the state with the highest number of registered motorcycles in the United States. Want to know how many? 842,106 motorcycles!! Little Delaware has the least amount of registered motorcycles at 28,156. Still a lot but Delaware only has 3% of the amount of motorcycles that California claims. CRAZY!

Motorcycles Per Capita

Now, just because California has the highest number of bikes registered it does not necessarily mean that California has the most motorcycles per capita. According to “The Motley Fool”, Iowa has the third highest number of motorcycles per capita at one motorcycle per 16.5 people. At second it is South Dakota with one motorcycle per 8.9 people. At first, we have Montana with one motorcycle per 5.2 people. I never would have guess that Montana would out motorcycle a larger state like California or Texas.

“The Wheelie King”

Doug Domokos was nicknamed “The Wheelie King” after going on record for the longest wheelie of the time. He did a wheelie for 145 miles! However, his wheelie record was broken eight years later. Regardless, Domokos was inducted into the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) Hall of Fame in 2002.

There are so many other more technical and crazy facts that we found! Here at Utah Bike Law we are very interested and passionate about motorcycles and you. If you are in an accident, call us and get a free consultation.

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