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Motorsports have a remarkable history, which began in the late 19th century, just after the invention of cars and motorcycles. Many advances have been made in terms of technology, design, format and rule of the sport since their inception, but nothing is more exciting than a motorcycle race; it involves science, speed, commitment, vision, passion and a lot of risks. as well. Despite all the risks, motorcycle racing is considered the most important motor sport, not only the most important motor sport, but also one of the fastest growing sports in the world, which is gaining popularity among all without distinction of sex and age. To enjoy the matches, you need practice, techniques, technologies and especially track safety, not only to minimize the risks but also to regain confidence in the sports discipline.

You can not eliminate the risk factor because the unfortunate event happens and will happen, no matter when, but you can minimize the impact by having protective gear that meets the sporting and athletic requirements. For motorcycle races on the track and in the streets, for beginner, passionate or professional, we recommend a complete kangaroo leather or cow, you choose. The leather racing suit with all its protective armor is resistant to abrasion, cuts and shocks. A high-tech leather racing suit would allow you to test the limits of your own machine and that of your.

Getting a leather racing suit is not a big problem today, you can visit nearby stores or order it online and get delivery to your address. Almost all major brands of motorcycle leather clothing offer online services to save their customers time and money, which is very impressive. However, even after buying a racing suit, something is still missing. This could be leather quality, durability problems, ergonomic discomfort, sizing and adjustment problems, standard safety armor, poor seams and especially disappointing after-sales services. Leather Collection, an emerging global brand, has filled these gaps with years of experience and a dedicated team.

Customize your costume with Leather Collection

By custom design, this does not just mean switching colors offered by most brands in the name of custom design, or limited options for Custom Made. Leather Collection offers more custom options than anyone else and personalizes your costume better than anyone else in the industry. They make it just as you want.

Custom design

Design is the perspective of any costume, it should be creative, and you should have an exceptional look when you wear it. They believe that your motorcycle suit is your identity, and I'm sure they're very right. You can design your own outfit, and they have a separate design team that can help you determine what you want to have. The team is destined to welcome you in any way possible to make your costume as you wish.

Variety of Colors

Leather comes in a variety of colors, shiny / matte / blooming, both and you can choose one of them. Otherwise, tell them the desired color and they will develop it for a very minimal additional cost.

The leather collection offers both premium kangaroo and cow leather for a leather racing suit, depending on the needs of the riders. Professionals recommend kangaroo leather because it is stronger, lighter and offers increased resistance to abrasion and cuts. Especially treated cowhide leather, thicker, softer and durable.

If you want a tailored suit or bespoke, we recommend that you opt for the kangaroo leather.

Custom fit

The fit denotes the most significant dimension of a leather racing suit. It is suitable for a second skin without compromising flexibility and mobility. In driving position, it should be as comfortable as in a relaxed position. No one better than the professional cyclist can tell you the benefits and importance. The Leather collection acquires 26 measurement points of the body to make your costume perfect.

Security armor

With zero or inferior safety armor, a leather racing suit is nothing more than scrap metal. Do not compromise security at all costs. Leather Collection equips racing suits with CE-approved, state-of-the-art protective armor that meets the needs of biomass and offers great protection on and off the track.

Leather Collection takes the lead in all other brands by offering TPU-reinforced titanium protection on shoulders, elbows and knees. On another brand offering extended titanium protection to their leather racing suits.

Brand Logo / Customization

Even big brands feel uncomfortable when asking for customization. However, Leather Collection proudly offers many bespoke models that others can only imagine. The list is so long that even can not describe here, for that you have to visit your online store and your personalization team. Link: 

If you had to have a custom racing suit

Then it's time
Stop wishing!
Start doing!

Message from Leather Collection

“With our bespoke product, you can get your bespoke combination exactly the way you want it. Simply share with us your design that you already have in mind, with your custom requirements, we will propose a complete plan. We will try to do everything to make your dream come true.”

Why Leather Collection?

  Leather Collection / MotoSpeeds Others
Price from $950 to $1,733 from $2,500 to $5,768
Custom size $95 $600
Custom design YES (FREE) NO
Lead time 6-8 Weeks 16-24 Weeks
Kangaroo leather YES YES
Choice of colors YES YES
CE protectors YES YES
Competitive quality YES YES
Matching Gears (Gloves & Boots) YES NO
Sponsor's logo YES (FREE) YES ( $90 – $600 )

Low price

Leather Collection offers custom racing suits from 950 USD with all the essential features offered by other major brands at exorbitant prices up to 4500 USD. They claim to charge only for products and services, not the reputation of the brand.

Competitive quality

The quality of the product is always at the top and very competitive in all aspects of the quality of materials, style, sewing technique, design, cut and durability among the world's leading brands.

Matching Gears

Leather Collection is probably the only company to offer matching gloves and boots to your tailored suit, taking all the details and colors seriously.

Time play

They lead the game of time throughout the sector. Your custom order will be delivered to your home within 6 to 8 weeks, while other manufacturers usually take at least six (6) months to complete the contract. Six (6) months is a long time, how can they make you wait so long to deliver your order.

After sales services

The most important is customer loyalty, and Leather Collection is the best.

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