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Deadly Motorcycle Weekend

deadly motorcycle weekend

The weekend is usually when most crashes occur. Everyone is out of the office and trying to do errands or trying to relax. Negligence on the road seems to spike on the days we are trying to do the most things. However, these are not just fender-bender crashes; some crashes are fatal.

Deadly Motorcycle Weekend

Since January 2018, eight motorcyclists have been killed on Utah roads. According to UDOT, this is a bump in motorcycle deaths from this time last year. In April 2018 alone four motorcyclists have died. That is a crazy considering that in 2017, five people had been killed from January to April. The spike in motorcycle deaths can be explained by people being more distracted and not looking for motorcycles. Motorcyclist, Michael Martinez, says that, “We are invisible on the roads. If you don’t ride [motorcycles], you don’t pay attention to us.”

Martinez and his friends say so many accidents would not happen if drivers were not so distracted. Detective Ken Hansen with the Unified Police Department says, “In my law enforcement career, I have seen dead motorcycle riders who would not be dead if they wore a helmet.” As the weather becomes better, distracted and hurried motorists are more careless and don’t look twice for motorcycles.

Weekend Lookouts

Every day of the week, look out for motorcycle riders. However, on the weekends, it is more important because there are more motorcycles on the road during the weekend. That’s why there are more motorcycle accidents and other vehicle accidents during the weekend. Be more aware of your surroundings during the nice weather and the weekends!

This is also a part of Motorcycle Awareness Month. Make your loved ones aware of what they can do to ride safer and to be better about seeing motorcycles.

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