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You will never be in a motorcycle crash – right?

Hopefully you're right!

We hope that every motorcycle ride you have is great but you have to hope for the best and plan for the worst.

If you are in a crash, or witness a crash, or have friends in a crash, here is quick checklist so you know what to do.

This checklist does not include everything of course but it hits the most important things you need to know.

  • Remain Calm

What's done is done – survey the scene and be careful. Look out for traffic and downed power lines. You do not want to become a victim yourself rushing to the scene. If you can think about protecting the downed rider(s) from oncoming traffic do so but do not put yourself at risk.

  • Call 911

Injuries are often significant and can be life threatening – call 911 ASAP – don't hesitate – make the call – seconds might mean a life. Don't worry about the costs – if they do not transport there is no cost. They are the experts – they can look after bleeding, fractures, and breathing problems. Administer first aid if you can while waiting for the ambulance. Any 911 call will also dispatch the police.

  • Document the scene of the crash

You or someone else will probably have a cell phone. Take video of conversations – do a panoramic picture of the crash scene – take pictures. Take lots of pictures some distance and then getting closer. Instead of taking notes just talk while you are shooting video on your phone describing what you are taking video of. Don't forget to get pictures of the injuries if you can and it is appropriate.

  • Keep your mouth shut

What we mean by this is try to avoid speaking with the offending driver – it just simply will not get you anywhere probably resulting in an argument or confrontation. Do speak with the police and answer their questions the best you can and then keep quiet. If you are taken to the emergency room decline answering any questions while you are on any narcotics.

  • Keep track of stuff

Do not throw away your damaged riding gear – take lots of pictures too. Keep track of the work you miss and all appointments you go to. Keep a diary of what happens answering the questions – who, what, where, when, and why. For example if you follow-up with your orthopedic surgeon for a fracture note the physician's name, when you went, what he/she said, and why you went.

  • Contact a motorcycle lawyer

The rule of thumb here is “sooner the better.” We will be able to contact witnesses before the offender's insurance company does. Our team will be able to secure evidence and go to the scene of the crash documenting evidence that may well disappear with time – like skid narks for example. Investigators will take pictures and see if there are witnesses that saw something that was not noted by the police – like nearby storekeepers for example. We will also look for street or store video cameras that may have captured the crash. If you need us, call 24/7/365 – at 801-487-6454 or shoot us an email.

Utah Bike Law is a motorcycle injury law firm and its lawyers who ride are dedicated to representing injured motorcycle riders and their families. If you or a loved one were involved in a motorcycle crash anywhere in the United States we invite you to call for a free confidential consultation. There is no obligation and you are not charged any fees whatsoever unless we recover money for you.

I have been a motorcycle rider for over 30 years and an attorney representing injured bikers for over 14 years. I have also been a registered nurse giving me a unique appreciation for the motorcycle injuries you sustained helping convince the insurance companies to pay a fair value for your claim. My law practice focuses on representing injured and killed motorcycle riders and their families. We can help you with medical bills, getting your bike fixed and getting you the money you deserve from the person that caused the crash. Utah Bike Law and its attorneys are licensed to practice law in the State of Utah and can help you find a motorcycle attorney across the United States.

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