Dodging Claims Adjusters’ Tricks and Traps

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Ask an experienced motorcycle accident attorney and you will be told that some insurance adjusters employ underhanded tactics to delay payment to an injured claimant. Fortunately, a motorcycle accident lawyer will have the knowledge and means to respond to their following tricks and earn clients the justice and compensation they deserve after an injury.

One common ploy that insurance adjusters use against personal injury claimants is intimidation. Since most insurance policies include a “cooperation clause” that requires claimants to participate in any claim investigation in order to receive compensation, most personal injury victims work with their motorcycle accident attorney to ensure complete cooperation.
However, some insurance claims investigators attempt to delay payment by insisting that the claimant is not fully cooperating (particularly if the injured person does not have an accident lawyer on his or her side). Often these statements can intimidate injured claimants into believing that they are doing something wrong and cannot receive compensation.

Never-Ending Paperwork
Even personal injury victims that see through a claims adjuster's intimidation schemes can be caught up in the never-ending paperwork cycle if they don't work with an accident attorney. In a never-ending paperwork ploy:
A claims investigator might require that a claimant sign and submit multiple rounds of identical paperwork so he or she becomes too frustrated to pursue a claim.
The investigator may also gather information at an extremely slow pace to elongate the administrative period.
Additionally, an motorcycle accident attorney can warn clients that an adjuster may guide the claimant to a non-existent department or office to slow the claims investigation process.

Starting From Square One
A motorcycle accident attorney might also be able to direct personal injury claimants through a lengthy string of claims adjusters. Insurance claims investigators typically attempt to switch personal injury cases often in order to force claimants to restart their claims from scratch. The adjusters hope that implementing new investigators every few months will stall case progress.
Insurance claims adjusters add insult to injury when tricking personal injury claimants out of the compensation they deserve. If you are hurt and want a passionate accident attorney beside you, don't hesitate to call George Tait at (801) 487-6454.

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