Driven To Ride

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Why do we choose to ride motorcycles? We are told it is dangerous. Do we have a death wish? For each of us we have our own reasons to ride and how we chose this lifestyle. Every rider has a unique story as to how this happened. Many of my fellow riders have told me their story, but for now I will tell you mine.

It started when I was about 4 or 5 years old. My uncle had a Vespa scooter and took me for a ride unbekownst to my mother. He sat me on the back. Told me to put my arms around his waist and hang on tight. Not sure what to expect, I did. When he first pulled out on a rural Oregon road I was scared. That fear soon turned into joy. This was exciting, this was fun as we made our way around the curves of Squaw Valley Road near Gold Beach Oregon. From that moment on I knew that when I got big, I would travel on two wheels. My mother scolded her brother for this. My take was that you could manage the danger into excitement, enjoy freedom, have fun and make those in authority not approve. From that ride on I wanted to ride my own ride be it mini bike, tote goat or whatever.

For 8 or so years I was always badgering my parents for a mini bike. So glad I did not get it because when I was 13 and working for my Dad's electrical business, I was able to buy a brand new 1973 Kawasaki 100 enduro. Once again Mom was pissed. She worried about my safety as she should. The following year I traded in the 100 for a 175. Mom was pissed again. Loved that bike up until the wreck. My mom's fears turned real when I flipped that bike. No major injuries to me but a little road rash. I was 15. What do you do after that? Bought a bigger bike. KZ400 street bike. From then on I was hooked on street bikes.

I used to think that when I owned a Harley and a Corvette I would have it all. Over the years I have owned many motorcycles. Loved them all for the freedom they gave me and the fun. Never forget the fun we get and the great people we meet all due to riding motorcycles. I currently ride a 99 Royal Star which I love but to each their own. It does not matter what you ride , but that you ride!

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