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I want to talk to you a minute about damages, damages in a motorcycle crash. 


The typical motorcycle crash is caused by somebody OfCourse, somebody's negligence while their looking down at their radio while turning left in front of you for example. You're entitled for two types of damages; one is economic damages and the other is non-economic damages. In this video, were going to talk about economic damages. 


Generally, there's four types of economic damages. Economic damages are essentially anything you can put a dollar sign in front of. 


You are entitled to be compensated for your past medical bills, those that happened in the past. For example, you're taken to the emergency room by an ambulance, you're treated in the emergency room, you have to have surgery on your leg, you have surgery, you're recovering, you have to go to rehab.All the time you're missing work. So, your past medical bills, you're entitle to those and you should get those compensated to you. 


You are also entitled to future medical bills. For example; if you lose your leg in a motorcycle crash, you're entitled to a state-of-the-art prosthesis. Some defense attorneys argue that you should not be entitled to a state-of-the art prosthesis. My response is, you had normal leg before the crash, had it not been for the crash you would still have a perfectly normal leg, why aren't you due the perfectly good prosthesis. The prosthesis must be replaced periodically and that happens to the future. You must make a claim now for all costs that will arise in the future. So, you are entitled to economic damages, past medical bills and future medical bills. 


You're also entitled to past lost wages. While all of these things are happening to you and you are laid up in the hospital learning nothing. Let's say you are making twenty bucks an hour; you're jammed up for ten weeks that's four hundred (400) hours and twenty (20) bucks that's eight grand. Your due that, that fair compensation for past lost wages. 


You're also entitled to future lost wages. For example, if you lost your leg and if you're a heavy-duty mechanic and you can't do that job anymore you must be retrained, perhaps at a lower hourly rate. That's a loss of future earnings that you would have earned had it not for this crash, so you're due that fair compensation. 

So just as a quick recap, okay. Financial harm visited upon you is what lawyers call economic damage or economic loss. Generally, there are four types of economic loss; past medical bills, future medical bills, past lost wages, future lost wages. We will talk about the non-economic damages in another video. 

These are just the beginnings of damages—you are due all of these losses in any given motorcycle crash. These economic losses add up in a hurry but these are not the true losses in any given case. Money can be replaced. What cannot be replaced is the loss of a leg or a loved one.  

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