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Ghost Motorcycle: Brand Recall

Chief Indian Motorcycle: safety for self-starting motorcycles

The title of this blog might be a little misleading. It would be great if there were self-starting motorcycles all over the place! Just like your second grader mind predicted! Self-starting cars and motorcycles. However, these self-starting motorcycles are not bikes you want to ride.

Ghost in the Engine:

The Associated Press has reported that a Minnesota company has recalled about 3,300 Indian brand motorcycles. What was the cause? According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there is corrosion in a switch in the engine. The corrosion in the switch may allow the engine to start if the key fob is near the motorcycle. A few instances in which Indian motorcycles were started at a dealership and another in a development vehicle.

There are a few models in which the “faulty switch” has been found.

  • Indian Chief
  • Chieftain
  • Chief Classic
  • Chieftain Classic
  • Chief Dark Horse
  • Chieftain Dark Horse
  • Chief Vintage
  • Chieftain Elite
  • Springfield
  • Chieftain Limited
  • Springfield Dark Horse

Is Self-Starting Dangerous?

This is very dangerous for the public. This is because if a motorcycle started in public it could injure people nearby and of course the motorcycle rider him or herself. What if your motorcycle self-starts and then causes a fire or damages your home? Luckily, the dealers of these motorcycles will replace the faulty switches for free.

Crazy, right? It’s scary to think that your motorcycle could “come to life” with just a switch but it has happened.

At Utah Bike Law, we can’t get the ghost out of your motorcycle but we can get you through your ordeal the best we can!

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