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Headlight Modulators

Nothing brings safety to the forefront more than a rash of motorcycle rider deaths. That is the case in Eastern Texas where a number of recent motorcycle deaths and serious injury crashes have occurred. KLTV reporter Courtney Lane has written an article that discusses the visibility of motorcycles and how increased visibility might decrease the number of accidents.

In her article Ms. Lane talks briefly about motorcycle headlight modulators. Essentially headlight modulators allow the headlight bulb filament to modulate (increase and decrease in power) as opposed to interrupt (turn power on and off). Here is what a headlight modulator looks like . This creates a visually attractive “flashing” which attracts the human eye to the movement and will increase visibility of you and your bike. There are many websites where you can order headlight modulators and even rear brake modulators and they are usually sold for under $100. Furthermore they are easy to install in only minutes. You do not have to be an electronic wizard. Here is an excellent website that lists and discusses all kinds of gadgets for your ride for almost any make and model at some of the best prices I have seen.

There are downsides in that the typical modulator only works in hign beam and are sometimes hard to control. Make sure the model you buy is correct for your model bike and specifically to work with the wattage fo your bulb – be it standard or halogen.

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