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Health Insurance Discrimination


The American Motorcycle Association has started a very interesting program called AMA Go Ride! and as part of that they have what they call “Freedom Friday” to raise awareness about issues that threaten motorcycle freedoms.

Danielle Fowles, AMA grassroots coordinator says the issue of health insurance discrimination against motorcycle riders is a growing problem.

“With the current U.S. economic situation, we are hearing of more employers refusing to pay for health care for injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash. Imagine getting seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident and then having your health insurance company refuse to pay the medical bills because you were riding a motorcycle.”

Every motorcycle rider should check their medical insurance for “exclusions” where the insurer states what they will not cover. If the language is not clear you should ask your employer if they would pay if you were in a crash on your motorcycle.

An alternative is to purchase what your motorcycle insurance calls “med-pay” which may be available under your motorcycle policy. You can usually purchase medical coverage that will pay for your medical care when you are in a motorcycle crash – whether you are at fault or not. You can usually purchase this coverage in increments of $5,000 for a premium of course. Oftentimes this med-pay coverage is cheaper than medical insurance but only pays for your medical costs resulting from a crash while using your motorcycle.

Utah Bike Law is a motorcycle law firm and its lawyers are dedicated to representing injured motorcycle riders and their families. If you or a loved one were involved in a motorcycle crash in Utah we invite you to call for a free confidential consultation. There is no obligation and you are not charged any fees whatsoever unless we recover money for you. Utah Bike Law and its attorneys are licensed to practice law only in the State of Utah and maintain offices in Salt Lake City, Utah. No attorney client relationship is established by simply visiting this website.

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