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Jeff Decker Sculpture Stolen

A four ton bronze sculpture by Jeff Decker named “Land Speed” was stolen from the front of Timpanogos Harley sometime this past Friday night. Obviously heavy machinery was required to abscond with the sculpture. “Land Speed” was mounted on top of a huge boulder and all is gone – including the boulder.

jeff decker land speed_opt

Lindon police are asking anyone who saw a crane or forklift in the area Friday morning to call them at 801-229-7070. The piece is valued in excess of $100,000. I think the sculpture is beautiful and the people who stole it should return it – let’s say if it is returned by midnight this coming Friday no questions will be asked!

Too late! It appears that the sculpture was “stolen” by the artist. KSL reported that the Harley dealer declared bancruptcy some time back and Mr.Decker may have simply reclaimed his work. The legalities are murky but the bankruptcy court will probably have the final say in the matter.

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