Your Utah Motorcycle Lawyer

Welcome to Utah Bike Law – we are a law practice dedicated to representing people injured when riding a motorcycle to make sure you receive fair compensation from the insurance companies.

What Is The Basic Motorcycle Insurance I need In Utah?

This video will explain the basic motorcycle insurance you need to have at all times while operating your motorcycle in Utah.

What Is Underinsured Motorcycle Insurance In Utah?

Utah Bike law answers your questions about what underinsured insurance is and how it operates to protect you if you are in a motorcycle crash.

Let’s Watch Out for Each Other Out There

We need to watch out for each other out there regardless whether we are motorcycle riders or car drivers. If you are driving a car make sure to look twice and save a life – remember that smaller objects (motorcycles) appear to be further away than they actually are.

Motorcycle Crashes Can Happen At Any Time

Motorcycle crashes can happen when you least expect them. You need to watch out for yourself and watch out for others.

Upcoming Motorcycle Rides in Utah

Utah is a beautiful place to ride and we can’t wait to see you at these rides!

The Best Roads are in Utah

Come to Utah to ride on some of the most beautiful roads in the country!

Not If But When.

When you get into a motorcycle accident, call us. We will help you get back on your feet.

You Could End Up Here

No one can predict when they are in a motorcycle accident.