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Minor Cases Valued


Motorcycle accidents often cause serious injury to the rider, but not always. Your motorcycle injury lawyer in Ogden will advise that insurance companies consider numerous factors in determining the value of minor case claims. These are discussed in what follows.

Earnings Loss
Your motorcycle injury lawyer in Ogden is aware that the loss of earnings is given serious consideration since it represents actual costs the claimant incurs solely as a result of the accident. The amount of gross earnings lost will be differentiated from net earnings lost, with Social Security premiums and income tax amounts deducted from the gross earnings lost, since those costs will not be incurred by the claimant. In addition, twenty percent is usually deducted from the lost earnings amount submitted to the adjuster.

Medical Expenses
Your motorcycle injury lawyer in Ogden knows that the factor carrying the most weight in claim valuation is medical expenses. However, because the cost of medical care cannot illustrate the magnitude of suffering, pain and inconvenience the claimant experienced as a consequence of the injury and subsequent recovery period, the simple total of all medical expenses leaves much to be desired when valuing compensation.

Other Expenses
All other unavoidable out-of-pocket costs that resulted from the accident are expenses claimants are entitled to recover in the settlement. Your motorcycle injury lawyer in Ogden will advise that common expenses such as child care, rental vehicles, and household help are typically accepted by the insurance adjuster unless verification is required for the amount and necessity of the expense.
In fact, in some cases, an adjuster may refuse to allow an expense if the expense is not documented with a receipt. For example, your motorcycle injury lawyer in Ogden knows that many times household services that family members provide (such as cleaning or preparing meals) are questioned in their validity, even though the claimant paid for the services and has receipts proving such payments.

General Damages
General damages, which consist of suffering and pain compensation, vary greatly in amount since they are based upon the adjuster’s determination and perception of the necessity and validity of the factors outlined above. Once the adjuster has taken into consideration all factors by using the equation “value equals damages times liability,” your motorcycle injury attorney in Ogden will advise that the total of all special damages (such as lost income and medical expenses) agreed upon by the claims adjuster, along with his or her valuation of relevant general damages, determines the settlement that will be offered. Therefore, if the insurance carrier values your claim at $5,000, and the adjuster considers the claimant to be 25% liable, your settlement offer will be $3,750.

Obtaining a Motorcycle Injury Attorney in Ogden
The competent services of a personal injury attorney can help you understand the value of your injury claim. If you would like to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable motorcycle injury attorney in Ogden, please contact George Tait at 801-487-6454 to request a free consultation.

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