Motorcycle Accident – Arm Surgery

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Motorcycle Accident-Arm Surgery

Hello follow bikers—George Tait here with Utah Bike Law.

You know last few weeks on this videos we've been talking about injuries that visit bikers when they've been hurt by somebody else.

Long bones, the bones of your femur, your thigh bone, your tibia, your lower leg, your humerus, of the upper arm. Long bones take a heck of pile of a force when you're in a motorcycle crash. Smashing into the vehicle and banging on the pavement. Often times these injuries require what they call ORIF, Open Reduction Internal Fasciation surgery. Plates and nails, steel plates, nails or screws that hold the plates that bridge the fracture.

This an example of a humerus, shoulder joint right here going down the elbow. This long bone here, it can have a plate on, it could be fractured here for example, have a steel plate on it, titanium usually, and steel screws and then you got to rehab that OfCourse later on too because your muscles move around and soon and so forth. This as an example of a humerus and n case that we went to trial on a couple of years ago. You got to have exhibits to convince the jury that people like handling stuff you know, I do and jury's do too. So you've got have to have the exhibits, I've said it before and I'll say it again that we're a trial firm. We take the insurance company to trial when they're not willing to pay fair compensation to motorcyclist that got injured in motorcycle crashes. Whether we go to trial or not, the insurance companies know that we will go to trial, hold their feet to the fire, that's the only way you're going to get full value for your case. So during a crash, give us a call and give you advice whether you hire us or not.

So whatever the case, be careful out there. Take care

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