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Another left-turning vehicle obstructed the roadway and a motorcycle at Pioneer Crossing in Lehi Utah killing the motorcyclist.

At about 1:00 p.m. a commercial box truck was heading northbound on 300 East. The truck made a left turn onto Pioneer Crossing. The 28-year-old motorcyclist was eastbound on Pioneer Crossing. The motorcycle struck the truck on the back end. KSL reported on this motorcycle crash.

Motorcycle crash Lehi Utah

The police cited the driver of the commercial vehicle for failure to yield. The district attorney will probably screen the case for further charges.

Pioneer Crossing is a relatively dangerous road–we have handled three motorcycle crashes in this area over the last few years.

Three primary areas of investigation.

Accidents involving commercial vehicles, in this case what appears to be a “commercial box van,” need to be thoroughly investigated. At Utah Bike Law we fully investigate motorcycle crashes to get the best recovery for our clients. Investigation usually focuses on three primary areas.


First, the driver of the van needs to be investigated. He or she must have the correct qualifications. Commercial operators must ensure that the drivers they hire are qualified to do the job. They must perform appropriate background checks to make sure the driver does not have a history of accidents or other problems with his or her past.


Second, the driver must have the appropriate training, usually provided by the employer, to make sure he or she can operate the vehicle safely. Oftentimes, companies do not engage in any training at all. When a driver has a commercial driving license that license in and of itself is not adequate for all vehicles.


Third, the company employing the driver must ensure that the driver was appropriately supervised. This means that the duties of the driver were in keeping with company policies and procedures when operating the vehicle. It also means that the route of the driver was in concert with the deliveries to be made. We find employers putting too much pressure on drivers to deliver too many loads in a given time. This makes the drivers rush about their job placing safety in jeopardy.

There are many rules and regulations under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations under the Department of Transportation that a company must meet or exceed when employing commercial drivers that operate their vehicles on the road. These rules and regulations must be enforced to protect us all from death and serious injury.

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