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Motorcycle Accident- Wrist Fractures

Hello follow bikers George Tait here, Utah Bike Law.

You know in these series of videos we have been talking about motorcycle injuries that visit you

when you’re hit by somebody clse, be it a car or a truck, when on your bike.

One of the most common injuries is to your hands or to your wrist. It’s very common of course

when you’re hit and you’re going down to reach out. You reach out and what happens? You hit

your wrist.

You know we went to trial last year in third district court with exactly this case and this is the

exhibit that we used at that trial. We demonstrated to the judge that a wrist fracture is no simple

fracture. The wrist contains, I want to say 11 bones or something like that- 8 actually.

The wrist is a very intricate joint, it allows you to do many things. Especially when you’re working

on a computer like most of us do nowadays. Injuries to your wrist can cause all sorts of problems

in your life.

You know this particular client, he had to go to surgery. Surgery is not a panacea, it doesn’t cure

all problems, he had a very good surgeon. The surgeon testified at trial that he was going to have

post-traumatic arthritis or PTA which is a thing.

By virtue of me being a registered nurse, I know about PTA and many other things. We convinced

the judge that my client was going to have post-traumatic arthritis and there was a sizable verdict

paid in that case for what might be just written off as a simple common wrist fracture.

The verdict approached something like three hundred fifty to four hundred thousand (350,000-

400,000) dollars as I recall.

Anyways, were a law firm that goes to trial, we enjoy going to trial. It’s me that goes to trial with

my clients, you got to have some fortitude to do that, you got to have the exhibits to do that.

Take care and be careful out there, Bye for now,

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