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Motorcycle Crash & Road Rash

Hello follow bikers George Tait here, Utah Bike Law.

You know, if you are in a motorcycle crash, chances are you’re going to be jacked up. Most

injuries of motorcycle crashes occur to mostly to the legs, lower extremities.

One common injury is road rash.

Now you know, some bikers wear that as a badge of honor “yeah I got some road rash” but road

rash can leave some tremendous scars, it is tremendously painful too. It’s got to be washed every

day, you’ve got to put the ointment on, Silvadene for example. It’s just terrible, it hurts like hell.

I know it hurts like hell because before I became an attorney, I worked as a register nurse up in

the Burn Trauma. Unit at the University of Utah as a registered nurse. We looked after all kinds

of people with road rash. When it’s on a joint on an elbow or a knee or on the hip ohhhhh, it

stings like hell.

Anyways injuries, broken legs, ah all kinds of injuries, were going to be talking a little bit about

the different types of injuries including head injuries, spinal injuries, leg injuries, ankle, all kinds

of injuries when you’re in a motorcycle crash. I mentioned 1 am a registered nurse. I know to

present claims to insurance companies and how to prepare cases for trial if necessary. You have

to know what you are doing when making the claim, you got to be able to speak the lingo.

You got to be able to analyze the medical records, not only about the past pain and such that

have visited upon you, but look for future harms as well.

So anyways were going to be talking about that in a little bit, in the upcoming videos.

Be careful out there, take care.

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