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Motorcycle Injuries- Jaw Fractures

Motorcycle Accident-Jaw Fractures

Hello follow bikers—George Tait here, Utah Bike Law and were talking about the damages, the injuries that you can have when you’re in a motorcycle crash.

You know, one (1) of the worst injuries you can have is to your jaw. A fractured jaw that injures the nerve during the crash itself or during repair can be debilitating. You know dentist make a living saying your smile is the preface to your life, you know, it makes the first impression, you got to have a beautiful smile, yada yada, yada and all of that is probably true. But when you’re injured in a motorcycle crash, and your jaw is fractured. That’s painful man and it can give you long term injury to the nerves in the face. It can interfere with eating, it can interfere with speech, drooling and incessant, constant, persistent, unrelenting pain for the rest of your life. I know it sounds crazy but it happens and often times there’s nothing they can do for that.

I’ve had clients who have had injury to the inferior alveolar nerve, had to have it cutout, ablated means means burnt out surgically and still pain. Anyways, as I said it before and I’ll say it again, if you don’t mind. Were a trial firm, we take cases to trial. You will not get the full value of your case unless you’re with a law firm that knows what they’re doing to get your case to trial and has a reputation to going to trial. That’s what we do, we go to trial and the insurance companies know it.

This is an example of an exhibit; I know it’s huge. Anyways, it shows the nerves in the face, the nerves that can be injured, the inferior alveolar nerve, the mental nerve and other nerves innervating all your teeth. It can be a horrible injury.

Take care, be careful out there

Motorcycle Accident - Jaw Fractures.docx

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