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Motorcycle Profiling: It Happens More Often Than Not

Profiling Motorcycle riders

There are many different kinds of profiling that we hear about mostly in the press. There are so many different areas of profiling it is hard not to see an end to profiling. One area that is not as “popular” or well-known is motorcycle profiling. This happens all the time and no one is really doing anything about it.

There is a stereotype that goes along with any community: vegetarians are hippies, millennials are lazy, etc., etc., etc. Motorcycle riders have stereotypes too. One of the most damaging stereotypes to motorcycle riders is that motorcyclists are road-ragey, gang members that don’t care about anyone but themselves. However, for the vast majority of us, that is simply not true.

There are many motorcycle communities that help defend the welfare of other people within their community. There is a biker “gang” called Bikers Against Child Abuse. This “gang” assigns an abused child to two members of the bike group. These two group members are there to go through anything with this child from going to court with them to face their abuser to standing watch outside the child’s house all night if the child fears his/her attacker will try to get them at night.

Does this sound like an aggressive, angry, violent community to you?

Police Profiling

Motorcycle riders get pulled over, often without cause, by local and state police officers because they are simply riding motorcycles. The officer will just pull a motorcycle rider over based on the stereotypes that they had heard around the bullpen or in the media.

Profiling motorcycle riders builds on the stereotype that motorcycle riders are bad news. Racial, gender, and many other types of profiling are illegal. Moreover, the media criticizes police officers that use profiling to apprehend a suspect or criminal. Why isn’t motorcycle profiling criticized in the same way?

Let’s try to make a difference! Take action and sign this to contact your representatives in Congress to ask them to support the Motorcycle Profiling Resolution (H.Res.318 and S.Res.154).

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