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Polar Bear Ride (and others) postponed – Are You Feeling Lonely?

With social distancing and staying at home one of our great pastimes has fallen to the wayside–I am talking about Motorcycle Rallies – Motorcycle Charity Rides – and just Motorcycle Hanging Out Doing What We Do Events.

The 2020 Polar Bear Ride unofficially marks the beginning of the motorcycle season here in Utah–not so this year because it has been postponed. NOT CANCELLED – POSTPONED! That’s right–with any luck this ride will go forward at a later date in the year – perhaps when its not raining or snowing for those avid Polar Bears!

This ride, like many motorcycle rides, raise a lot of much-needed cash for deserving charities. Without the rides a lot of charities will go without–some without the basics and some without the extras–but without just the same.

We donate to the Polar Bear Ride every year and did so this year as usual. I know the good people at the Salt Lake Motorcycle Club will try to do all they usually do with less dough.

Try to remember in these trying times that we all need to be gracious and kind–at least to the extent that we can because we are all hurting because of this damn Covid! Hang in there people and here’s to hoping we see you at the 2020 Polar Bear Ride–DATE TO BE DETERMINED!

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