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Motorcyclist Dies in Zion Park

The Salt Lake Tribune reported yesterday that 52-year-old Eugene Carlston lost control of his motorcycle and crashed yesterday at about 5:30 pm. The crash occurred south of Kolob Terrace Road where he apparently drove off the pavement, laid the motorcycle on its side and slid. Mr. Carlston suffered severe head trauma.

I do not know if this man was riding alone or with friends at teh time of the crash but we do know, from the article, that he was not wearing a helmet. I am not really sure why newspaper reporters, that whenever they report on a motorcycle crash, feel obligated to report that the victim was not wearing a helmet if he was not. Let me explain. Have you ever read an article that says something like driver of car killed – all equipment was working and she was restrained by a seat belt? Not very often – why? Because that victim is following the law by ensuring that her vehicle was in good operating shape and she wore a seat belt. When a motorcyclist is killed and he is not wearing a helmet he is also following the law.

I really think sometimes that the newspapers have a hidden agenda and that is to have legislation introduced that mandates helmet use for motorcycle riders. Usually however I write-off these insensitive statements of non-helmet use to a desire to sensationalize an otherwise sad accident.

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