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Moving Your Motorcycle Across the Country

Moving your motorcycle this summer across the country

It’s coming up to that time of year where many people are moving around the country. One of our employees is moving to Michigan this summer. There are so many moving parts to moving (no pun intended)! Your motorcycle is one thing that you need to bring to your new life but how? The obvious is to ride it. However, what if you are moving from California to Maine? Do you want that much wear and tear on your bike? Are you going to haul any other valuables behind your bike? The answers to both questions is—probably not.

Let us help you figure out the best way to move your bike.

Moving the Bike

We all know that moving something heavy is not necessarily cost effective. However, there are few waysyou to get your precious motorcycle to the other side of the country.

  1. A Trailer: There are specific trailers for motorcycle transport. You get that trailer and attach it to the back of whatever vehicle you are driving. This is a little bit easier than a few other methods of moving because the trailer is its own entity. Don’t worry about it crushing your other items or moving around unnecessarily.
  2. An Actual Moving Service: This is actually the easiest of the ways to get your motorcycle across the country. This way you can put everything that you want to move into a truck that someone else is driving. This gives you more leisure. Make a road trip out of it now! This won’t be the cheapest way to go but definitely the easiest.
  3. A Moving Truck: This is the more difficult way to move your motorcycle. You have to figure out how to put your motorcycle in the truck along with all your things. Make sure that your motorcycle won’t crush all your stuff when you make a turn or brake. You also have to worry about gasoline in among all of your other valuables.

Precious Cargo

Being motorcycle riders ourselves, we know how precious your motorcycle is. We don’t want it to get scratched, worn out, or anything else that would ruin it. Life changes happen but it shouldn’t mean giving up your bike or not protecting it. Take these tips into consideration when moving.

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