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Category Archives: News

Utah Motorcycle Clubs

By utahbikelaw |

Motorcycle Clubs Utah has long been known as one of the best states in the nation to ride a motorcycle. Its huge land area of mostly rural, pristine, and rugged country boasts almost 615,000 miles of celebrated routes, and that’s just the preferred ones. A rider heading into the backcountry, off the beaten path,… Read More »

Utah Motorcycle Auctions

By utahbikelaw |

Motorcycle Auctions If you love riding motorcycles, but want to keep your costs down, an excellent way to buy a motorcycle at a great price is to purchase your next bike at an auction.  Many of the bikes sold at auction are salvage bikes, which will be cheaper than non-salvage used bikes sold by dealers or individuals. Contrary to popular belief,… Read More »

Sturgis Bound 2015

By utahbikelaw |

Many brothers and sisters are already in Winter’s embrace while here in Utah we are fortunate to still have riding opportunities which are also soon to end. Winter is a good time to plan that epic road trip for the next year. I already have made plans for mine. I am a member of… Read More »

May Motorcycle Safety Month

By utahbikelaw |

May is (or was) Motorcycle Safety Month. As May becomes a memory it is not too late to learn how to properly ride a motorcycle. Salt Lake Community College offers motorcycle safety classes throughout the year. They offer classes for all riders – beginners, experienced riders, advanced riders, sportbike riders, and even riders that… Read More »

Sober Riders Motorcycle Club Charity Ride

By utahbikelaw |

The Sober Ribers Motorcycle Club and the Black Rock Crew are throwing a charity ride on August 10, 2013. There will be a poker run and then a Bug Dot barbecue after. Everyone will be meeting at 8 a.m. at Murray Alano Club (5056 S. 300 West). The ride ends at 863 Sundown Lane,… Read More »

Is Your Motorcycle Making You Deaf

By utahbikelaw |

I love my Harley and often wear a helmet when I ride. Before I became an attorney I was in the artillery in the army and suffered a hearing loss to my left ear. As a result of my hearing loss I sometimes face challenges hearing at trial, not to mention hearing my wife… Read More »

Motorcycle Trivia

By utahbikelaw |

This is a reprint of an article from Facts About All – Interesting Facts Page. I thought it was interesting! The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that in 2000, 631 motorcyclists were saved by wearing their helmet. The German inventor Gottlieb Daimler is generally credited with building the first practical motorcycle in 1885…. Read More »

Utah AG Shurtleff’s Motorcycle Injury Surgery Costs Big Bucks

By utahbikelaw |

Mark Shurtleff had a motorcycle crash in 2007 and has required a dozen surgeries to repair a shattered and infected leg. Shurtleff is running for a senate seat in Utah against GOP incumbent Bob Bennett and as a result Shurtleff had to report his financial status. He makes $153,839 per year as Utah’s top… Read More »

$8.6 Million for Crashing into a Pig

By utahbikelaw |

Last Friday a jury in Monterey County California ordered the state to pay $8.6 million to a motorcycle rider who was severely injured when he crashed into a herd of wild boar on a state highway in 2003. Adam Rogers will receive the money because his lawyer successfully argued that highway officials knew that… Read More »

Naked Motorcyclist Arrested

By utahbikelaw |

GMA News TV reported that a naked man on a motorcycle is facing misdemeanor charges after crashing with an Arkansas state trooper’s cruiser. Not only was the motorcycle driver naked but he was naked on a miserable night when it was sleeting rain. It sounds like the biker was teasing the cop by stopping… Read More »

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