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Noneconomic Damages in a Motorcycle Accident

Noneconomic Damages in a Motorcycle Accident

Hello fellow bikers!

George Tait here, Utah Bike Law.

You know last week we talked about economic damages, the type of damages that you’re entitled to or due as compensation for past medical cost, future medical cost, past lost income and future lost income. You’re also due fair compensation for your suffering, for your loss for enjoyment of life. Those are called non-economic damages.

Non-economic damages are the real things in western society that we miss. You know we work, we bust our knees to enjoy our lives. Riding in a motorcycle is a part of that. You can’t ride your motorcycle; you can go out to movies with your wife or your loved one. You know, it interferes with everything. Pain is insidious thing; it impacts all areas of life. You can’t really enjoy your life and that’s a big part of damages. Non-economic damages.

Generally, as fat rule of thumb. Whatever the economic damages add up to. Let’s say a hundred thousand dollars. Your general or non-economic damages should be about three to four times that amount because those are the things that we miss in our society, the things we worked out butts off all our lives to enjoy and those are the things that are most missed. Money, money can be replaced. What can’t be replaced is time and the enjoyment of your life.

Anyways, I’ll get off that high horse. That the other type of damages that you’re due fair compensation for the loss of enjoyment of life, pain, and so on.

Take care, be careful out there.

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