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Payson Rider Killed

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that on January 1, 2010 Karen Baker of Payson Utah was a passenger on a 2008 Harley driven by her husband in California. They were probably enjoying a beautiful ride starting off the new year right. The Baker motorcycle were fifth in line of a group of bikes when a vehicle on Highway 18 just west of Lucerne Valley in California stopped to make a left hand turn. For whatever reason it appears that Colton Baker was unable to stop in time and their motorcycle veered off teh road and flipped throeing both Bakers off. Both Bakers were wearing helmets but it appears that Karen’s helmet came off and she struck her head killing her at the scene of the crash. Colton Baker suffered only minor injury.

Group riding can be dangerous. the lead rider needs to be a seasoned rider and be aware that each rider behind has an increased delay in reaction time to respond to dangers ahead. There is a great article for everything about group riding at You need to read this article before leading or being a rider of a group of motorcycle riders.

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