How to Pick the Right Safety Gear

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There's an old saying that goes, “Wear what you want to crash in, not what you want to ride in.” Basically, this means that motorcyclists should put their safety first when choosing what they wear during a ride. But, many motorcyclists don't know what type of gear they should wear to keep themselves safe. Follow these tips to protect yourself with the right safety gear:


Wearing a helmet is not required for motorcyclists over the age of 21, but it's strongly recommended. Look for a helmet with a “DOT-Approved” sticker on the front-this indicates that the helmet meets the safety standards set by the Department of Transportation. Choosing a helmet with the right shape is also vital to a motorcyclist's safety. Helmets are designed to fit three specific head shapes: long oval, intermediate oval, and round oval. Most helmets are designed for intermediate oval-shaped heads, however if your head is more of a long oval or round oval, find a helmet specifically made for these shapes. Then, put it on to check the fit. If the helmet moves around freely, it's too loose, but if it's creating painful pressure points, it's too tight. The proper fit makes all the difference in the event of a collision, so look for a helmet that fits snugly without causing any discomfort.


Motorcyclists can protect their torsos by wearing jackets. However, it's important to look for a jacket made specifically for motorcyclists instead of choosing a jacket based off of looks alone. Motorcycle jackets are made with special impact-absorbing materials and doubled seams that are less likely to burst and leave your torso exposed in the event of an accident. Fashionable jackets do not have these features, which means they won't offer any protection. Some jackets are designed with zippers around the bottom, which may look odd at first, but they play an important role in motorcycle safety. These zippers can be used to connect the jacket to pants and create a full body suit. Since the pieces are connected, it's easier for them to stay in place in a crash. As you shop for the perfect jacket, try to find one that has been given a “CE” safety rating. This rating indicates the jacket's built-in body armor will provide the highest level of protection to motorcyclists.


Pants should also be designed with CE-rated built-in body armor to protect the knees, shins, and hips. The pants should fit snugly, but they shouldn't be so tight that they restrict movement. Keep in mind that pants may feel tighter when you are in the riding position. For this reason, it's recommended that motorcyclists get into their riding position to check the fit of the pants before buying them.

Hands and Feet

Look for a pair of gloves with a wrist strap that is designed to hold them in place. Gloves that don't fit properly can be a major distraction. This could affect your ability to get a good grip on the handlebars. It's best to try gloves on with a motorcycle jacket so you can ensure there are no gaps between the end of the sleeve and the gloves. If skin is exposed, it's not protected. Wearing the right footwear is important, too. Ideally, motorcyclists should wear over-the-ankle boots with a metal plate in the soles. This metal plate will prevent twisting by holding your feet and ankles in place in the event of a collision. Having the right type of safety gear can reduce your risk of suffering serious injuries in an accident. However, sometimes even wearing this safety gear is not enough to protect motorcyclists from harm.

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