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It is Sunday and I am in the church of reflection on my life as a biker. This “church” is located right here in my garage next to my bike. This may take awhile to tell so get yourself a beverage of your choice and get comfortable.

I have found that most that are not bikers do not understand us. We live a life of freedom. Freedom from the rules of “normal” society. We do what we want, when we want to do it. We also flirt with danger and possible death each time we ride. The upside is that we live to the fullest. I can not imagine life any other way.

We also love our families. There is nothing we would not do for them. Yesterday I rode over 100 miles just to check out a car for my youngest daughter. She bought it and this morning I pulled all 4 tires and painted the rims for her. Bikers have families too.

I am also a veteran. Being in the service of my country taught me what real brotherhood is. A brother is always there when you need him and you are there for him. That brings up the topic of motorcycle clubs. My advise is to choose wisely. There are many riding associations sponsored by brand such as HOG, STAR and a few others. I was a member and an officer in STAR for the last 3 years serving as Vet Rep, VP and Chapter President. During this time I organized 2 benefit rides to help out the new Central Utah Veteran's Home in Payson, Utah. Both were very well attended. Only a few members of this RA helped out with the organizing. My family stepped up and made this work. What I am getting at is you have to rely on family to get things done.

There have been too many brothers that the reaper has taken this year. I am fortunate that I have been accepted as a “patched” member of the New Order of the North and South RC. A real brotherhood that I can call on whenever I need anything. Through deaths in my family, my brothers are always a phone call or a ride away. It was comforting to me to talk to our club chaplain Preacher when my aunt took her own life. Just a week later his uncle did the same thing. Preacher will always be my brother.

My friend and brother Glendon Ivie passed away due to cancer a couple days ago. He was the VP of STAR 431 when I joined. I hate cancer with a passion as many in my family have died from it. High note, my first daughter survived!

If you ride, choose to join a club that feels like family. I can not imagine life without the support of my brothers.

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