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Riding Complacent? Not Anymore.

Rode up to Salt Lake City today to celebrate my grand daughter’s 3rd birthday. Had a great time. On my way home on the Mountain View Corridor, I scared myself by being complacent while riding.

I was cookin’ along at 65 mph, the posted speed limit with little traffic. I was thinking about what a great day it had been and enjoying the ride. The thing about this highway is that every couple of miles there is a traffic signal. Day dreaming as I was, one turned as I approached. I hit the front and rear brake at the same time. Did not do to much so I gave them more pressure or so I thought. The back tire started to slide. I wound up letting off the brakes and went to the throttle and made it through when I should have been able to stop. That was the scary part and now for my stupid part.

I have been riding so long that I think I know how to handle every situation and mostly I do. My problem today was complacency. I only had two fingers on the front brake lever as I tried to stop. I know better.

On the rest of the ride home I got back into the habit of four fingers on the front brake and I could once again stop very quickly from a high rate of speed if needed.

I was reluctant to let you all know how dumb I was but thought everyone, including myself, could use a reminder about getting too comfortable with our riding styles.

This incident ended well but I must have had luck on my side so that I could tell the story. I am also reviewing other aspects of how I ride. Sometimes, even for us that have been riding many years, it is good to take a hard look at what we are doing as We Ride.

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