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Salt Lake City Architect Dies in Scooter Crash

Stephen England was riding his scooter Thursday July 8, 2010 at about 8:00 AM at 200 East and 50 South in Salt Lake City when a car turning left caused the crash. Although Mr. England was wearing a helmet he suffered multiple injuries and died at the hospital.

This is another preventable crash. With the price of gas, trying to be environmentally responsible and with the warmer weather there are many more motorcycles and scooters on the roads of Utah. It is not satisfactory for vehicle drivers to be not attuned to looking for riders of scooters, motorcycles and bicycles. We need to look out for each other people – it is as simple as that.

Investigation has to be initiated immediately in this case. The woman’s cell phone records need to be obtained as soon as possible. I am not saying she was on her cell phone at the time of the crash but I am saying this has to be investigated. It is incumbent upon the police to also take blood samples from the driver to make sure she was not impaired. Again, I am not saying she was impaired only that it needs to be investigated.

You might be interested in reading he comments to the articles at Deseret News and The Salt Lake Tribune to discover the biases that exist against scooter and motorcycle riders. There is one comment that particularly struck me. The person notes that this was a tragic event – not only for the victim and his family but also for the young woman driving the car. I have deposed the drivers of vehicles in very similar crashes and oftentimes it is very emotional and heartbreaking for the person that caused the harm. It is tragic for all concerned.

We need to watch out for each other out there – do not be in a rush – look twice and save a life!

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