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The internet and social media, Facebook in particular, has changed the way motorcyclists interact. Before the internet if you wanted to ride with a group you had to make a bunch of phone calls. This would go on back and forth until everyone could agree on a time, place to meet and a destination. To promote a benefit ride you had to tack up posters at local bike shops, bars, tattoo shops and anywhere else bikers might see them. Now all you have to do is make an event page on Facebook, invite everyone you know and encourage them to invite their friends and riders show up.

Another aspect of social media is meeting new people to ride with. Facebook allows you to create groups where you can invite those with similars interests. Bikers have figured this out in a big way. There are so many motorcycle groups that I can not even begin the list them all. In Utah, I am a member and administrator of two such groups. There are others in Utah but I cannot speak for them. The two I am involved with are Riders Of Utah and We Ride Utah. Look them up. These are pages where you can post rides, photos, interact with and meet others in Utah to ride with. We have even had virtual bike shows on Riders Of Utah. Just remember to read the guidelines for any group you join.

Here is just one example of meeting new friends to ride with. Facebook gives you notifications when a friend likes something. Recently a friend of mine liked the Six Shooters Motorcycle Club summer Barbeque. Sounded interesting to me. I went to the event page and since I was not invited, expressed my interest in attending and got an invite. My wife and I went and met some very interesting new people who shared our love of riding motorcycles. The following weekend we were invited to ride with the club and their friends and we both enjoyed the ride. I am sure we will ride with them again. So don't be shy, just show a little respect and ask for an invite instead of crashing a party and you could very well make some new friends to ride with.

Another fun thing my daughter likes to do is ask me “Dad, can we invite some of our biker friends and go on a ride this weekend?” My answer is always yes. Either her or I will set up a Facebook event page or post a comment and let everyone know that we will be leaving at a particular place and time and if anyone would like to join us they will be welcome. Usual number of bikes is a couple dozen who join us. You just never know who will show up. It's awesome.

One other thing on social media. Think before you post. Even if you mean well your comments could hurt some feelings and maybe injure some relationships with others.

Be sure and like our Utah Bike Law Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. I post a lot of ride events, motorcycle tips and a lot of just plain fun stuff. A lot of posts I will share with other pages but not all.

Ride safe. Get creative and active on social media to enhance your riding opportunities and make new friends. You just might meet your new best friend.

Twisted Tom.

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