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Suffering from high motorcycle insurance rates – try this

Motorcyclists know motorcycles are riskier than cars, and this translates into relatively high motorcycle insurance rates.

The ten most important factors that impact the cost of motorcycle insurance are:

1. Size of the bike’s engine
2. Rider’s age
3. Type of bike
4. Where the bike is stored
5. Rider’s driving record
6. Average number of miles ridden each week
7. Where the rider lives
8. Helmet use
9. The coverage chosen
10. Completion or not of a motorcycle safety course

One of the best insurance guides and rates we have found is at MoneyGeek.

Remember to always but sufficient insurance and always buy what is called underinsured and uninsured coverage – these policies will save your bacon if you are seriously injured or the person that causes the crash is uninsured all together. If you do not have medical insurance you might also consider buying what is called “med pay” – usually in increments of $5,000 coverage that will kick in and cover your medical costs should you be in a crash. This coverage is relatively cheap so if you do not have medical insurance please consider it.

If you are in a motorcycle crash anywhere in Utah we will come and visit you to see if you have a good case. We will go the the scene of the crash and document what needs to be documented and handle the insurance companies to make sure you are paid fairly and quickly.

Make sure you have enough motorcycle insurance

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