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Tag Archives: motorcycle accident injury attorneys

Safety Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle with a Passenger

By utahbikelaw |

Hoping on a motorcycle with someone is not something to take lightly. As a passenger, you are entrusting the driver with your life. As a driver, the passenger is putting a lot of faith in you, trusting you both will have a fun experience. Even experienced drivers should take a minute to ensure everyone’s… Read More »

Utah Helmet Discussed

By utahbikelaw |

The legislative session in Utah is in full swing and it would not be complete without a representative wanting to bring forward a bill dealing with motorcycles. House Bill 158 “Motorcycle Helmet Law Amendments”, sponsored by Rep. Neil Hansen, D-Ogden is a bill, that if passed, would require: All motorcycle riders 21 years of… Read More »

Naked Motorcyclist Arrested

By utahbikelaw |

GMA News TV reported that a naked man on a motorcycle is facing misdemeanor charges after crashing with an Arkansas state trooper’s cruiser. Not only was the motorcycle driver naked but he was naked on a miserable night when it was sleeting rain. It sounds like the biker was teasing the cop by stopping… Read More »

Are You Refusing Your Ambulance Ride

By utahbikelaw |

Chances are that when you are in a motorcycle crash you will be seriously injured. With or without your knowledge the Emergency Medical System will probably be activated with police and ambulance crews arriving at the scene of the motorcycle or scooter crash. The first priority for the police and the ambulance crew is… Read More »

Dodging Claims Adjusters’ Tricks and Traps

By utahbikelaw |

Ask an experienced motorcycle accident attorney and you will be told that some insurance adjusters employ underhanded tactics to delay payment to an injured claimant. Fortunately, a motorcycle accident lawyer will have the knowledge and means to respond to their following tricks and earn clients the justice and compensation they deserve after an injury…. Read More »

Harrisville Motorcyclist Injured in Accident

By utahbikelaw |

Most drivers don’t give two thoughts about making a U-turn. They simply look for cars, and then proceed. While those actions are common, motorists need to be on the lookout for motorcycles. They’re a lot smaller, and therefore less likely to be seen. Christopher Sly, Harrisville, was seriously injured when his motorcycle collided with… Read More »

Highway Merging Can be Dangerous for Motorcyclists

By utahbikelaw |

When merging on a freeway, motorists have to check behind them, in front of them, and sometimes they have to adjust speed. However, when motorists do this, they are typically looking for other cars, but they should be thoroughly checking for motorcyclists too. Given that motorcycles are much smaller than cars, they also have… Read More »

Heavily Worn Rear Tire Causes Motorcycle Accident

By utahbikelaw |

As reported by the Standard-Examiner, on Saturday, Sept. 21 Quintin Redmond, 35 and his wife, Michaela Kerr,30, were involved in a motorcycle accident while heading west on Interstate 80, close to Mile Marker 8. The rear tire on the motorcycle was heavily worn, and failed at around 9:15 p.m. As a result of the… Read More »

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