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Tag Archives: Motorcycle Insurance

Taylorsville Utah Woman Killed On Scooter

By utahbikelaw |

Michelle Rioja was reported by the Salt Lake Tribune to have died at the scene of a tragic scooter crash. It appears that Rioja may have abruptly turned her scooter to the left in order to avoid a line of parked cars. The abrupt turn caused the scooter to flip and Rioja somersaulted over… Read More »

Redwood Road Accident Kills One Motorcycle Rider and Another Is In Critical Condition

By utahbikelaw |

At about noon today a 28-year-old motorcycle driver, James Scarbrough from Layton, Utah, was killed and his 31-year-old passenger was sent to the hospital in critical condition. It appears that the motorcycle was traveling in the inside lane when a car in the outside lane stopped to allow another car turn left across the… Read More »

Motorcyclist Dies in Zion Park

By utahbikelaw |

The Salt Lake Tribune reported yesterday that 52-year-old Eugene Carlston lost control of his motorcycle and crashed yesterday at about 5:30 pm. The crash occurred south of Kolob Terrace Road where he apparently drove off the pavement, laid the motorcycle on its side and slid. Mr. Carlston suffered severe head trauma. I do not… Read More »

Liberty the Choice to Ride a Bullet Bike

By utahbikelaw |

KSL reported the death of Tyler Wilde in Kaysville titling the article “Motorcyclist’s Death Raises Questions About Bullet Bikes.” I am sorry that Tyler Wilde is dead. I extend my sympathies to the family and friends that he left behind. However, he was 21 years old and presumably able to make his own decisions… Read More »

Geico – Even a Caveman Gets Sued

By utahbikelaw |

Getting sued is not fun – you would think that a caveman even knows that. However, if you have Geico Insurance – be it vehicle or motorcycle insurance you might get sued more that others who have different insurance. Here is a reprint of an article from Moore & Wolfe, personal injury lawyers in… Read More »

Stupid to Drive Without Motorcycle Insurance

By utahbikelaw |

Here is a full reprint of an article in The Standard titled Unlawful and stupid to drive without insurance: Oct. 2 2009 I was out on my Harley Davidson motorcycle on my way to a job when some one turned left in front of me. I had two choices. Hit the pickup or lay… Read More »

Two Motorcyclists Injured on Highland

By utahbikelaw |

KSL reported on another motorcycle accident that occurred on May 31, 2008 on Highland Drive in Cottonwood Heights in Salt Lake City. This article is only a short blurb but what is interesting is reading the comments to the article. It was reported that neither rider was wearing a helmet and the comments on… Read More »

Motorcycle Accidents Happen Close to Home

By utahbikelaw |

OHIO: Ammon D. Fellows, 28, suffered injuries that proved to be fatal in a motorcycle accident that occurred near his home late Friday afternoon, Clermont County officials said in a release. I do not remember where but I once read that a large number of motorcycle accidents occur within 2 miles of the owner’s… Read More »

Scooter Classes

By utahbikelaw |

This is a reprint from a Salt Lake Tribune Article by Tom Wharton. I could not agree more. Scooter accident rates are not reported separately, but are included in statistics compiled for motorcycles. Keri Gibson, a safety specialist for the Utah Highway Safety Office, said the number of motorcycle accidents is increasing along with… Read More »

Gear Saves Lives

By utahbikelaw |

Over this past weekend in and around St. George Utah there were three motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle riders are more exposed to the elements that vehicle drivers are so they have to really watch to make sure they do not become dehydrated or suffer the effects of overheating. This is what happened to at least… Read More »

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