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Tag Archives: Personal Injury

Wrapping Up Personal Injury Case

By utahbikelaw |

Reaching the offer stage of a personal injury case is a huge accomplishment for injured claimants. However, a Salt Lake City motorcycle accident lawyer knows that there is still much work to be done within the first several months after an offer is made. A Salt Lake City Motorcycle Accident Attorney May Attempt to… Read More »

Adjusters Settle Claims

By utahbikelaw |

Your Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Utah will advise that usually an adjuster working for the insurance company has more authority to settle, or knowledge of that authority, than he or she admits. Ascertaining an Authority Even though the majority of adjusters are aware of the potential authority they can exercise in most cases, they… Read More »

Minor Cases Valued

By utahbikelaw |

Motorcycle accidents often cause serious injury to the rider, but not always. Your motorcycle injury lawyer in Ogden will advise that insurance companies consider numerous factors in determining the value of minor case claims. These are discussed in what follows. Earnings Loss Your motorcycle injury lawyer in Ogden is aware that the loss of… Read More »

when a case does not settle

By utahbikelaw |

Not all personal injury cases can be resolved with a settlement agreement. While most Provo motorcycle accident attorneys will try to reach a settlement agreement, if the parties cannot do so, or if the insurance company simply refuses to settle the case, then the parties will be forced to carry the case to litigation…. Read More »

What Your Provo Motorcycle Accident Attorney Needs to Know in Reading Medical Records

By utahbikelaw |

A motorcycle accident can leave a victim with devastating injuries. Head trauma, injury to the spine, broken limbs, lacerations and damage to internal organs are frequent given the fact that the rider has virtually no protection from the striking vehicle. As will be explained, your Provo motorcycle accident lawyer will need to have a… Read More »

3 Stages of a Personal Injury Case

By utahbikelaw |

The saying, “You can’t fight city hall” is used to discourage citizens from challenging the authority. However, in matters of a personal injury you should absolutely challenge the authority. In this case, it could be a huge insurance company. A skilled motorcycle accident attorney in Salt Lake City is in the best position to… Read More »

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