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Tag Archives: safety

Safety Tips Riders Swear By!

By utahbikelaw |

Since the Utah weather cannot seem to make up its mind, we have decided to give you some safety tips that apply to both winter and summer weather (and others in between). Motorcycle accidents happen more often than anyone would like so here are some tips on how to be a little bit safer…. Read More »

Worlds Best Tattoo Remover

By utahbikelaw |

I was on the Utah Department of Safety web site the other day and noticed that they are finally getting with the program. This poster is effective and a little humerous so I thought I would share.

Riding In Wind Rain

By utahbikelaw |

I was heading back from Elko Nevada last weekend after attending their Elko Motorcycle Jamboree – a great time by the way and highly recommended. However, the ride home on I-80 was cold and wet on Saturday. I had ridden in the rain before and had rode in high wind conditions before but this… Read More »

NHTSA Motorcycle Safety Guidelines

By utahbikelaw |

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issues guidelines that are meant to influence each state’s approach to managing traffic safety. The federal government exercises some degree of power over state highway authorities by virtue of financing many of the highways in the state. In essence the federal government says dance to our tune… Read More »

Crash Stats

By utahbikelaw |

Congratulation to Joe Slaon for winning the Utah Highway Safety Office’s “Drive Aware. Ride Aware” motorcycle safety video contest. Joe wan $1,000 for his four-hour effort. If you page down on the HSO facebook page you can find the motorcycle safety awareness video. Joe looks like a new driver but he has some sage… Read More »

Redwood Road Accident Kills One Motorcycle Rider and Another Is In Critical Condition

By utahbikelaw |

At about noon today a 28-year-old motorcycle driver, James Scarbrough from Layton, Utah, was killed and his 31-year-old passenger was sent to the hospital in critical condition. It appears that the motorcycle was traveling in the inside lane when a car in the outside lane stopped to allow another car turn left across the… Read More »

May is Motorcycle Safety Month – Missing the Mark?

By utahbikelaw |

I read two articles this morning. The first article was in the Salt Lake Tribune titled “Utah Bikers Warily Approach Riding Season” and the other article was on the local Fox website titles “Motorcycle Safety Urged with New Statewide Campaign.” Both articles focus on motorcycle safety. The Tribune article makes a mistake in its… Read More »

Motorcycle, Bike, Trike or Scooter Ride to Work Day

By utahbikelaw |

RIDE TO WORK – WORK TO RIDE DAY is June 21, 2010. The purpose of the event is to promote the riding of motorcycles as an economical alternative to driving cars and trucks. On average motorcycles use 56% less gas than a motor vehicle averaging between 40 to 70 miles per gallon. The event… Read More »

Gear Saves Lives

By utahbikelaw |

Over this past weekend in and around St. George Utah there were three motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle riders are more exposed to the elements that vehicle drivers are so they have to really watch to make sure they do not become dehydrated or suffer the effects of overheating. This is what happened to at least… Read More »

Big Cottonwood Canyon Motorcycle Accident Sends Rider to Hospital in Critical Condition

By utahbikelaw |

A motorcycle crash in Big Cottonwood Canyon occurred today sending the rider to hospital in critical condition. The driver of the vehicle was not hurt. Apparently the car was pulled over to the side of the road when the driver decided to make a u-turn to head back down the canyon. The vehicle driver… Read More »

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