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Tag Archives: UDOT

Motorcycle Crash on I-15 in Construction Area

By utahbikelaw |

On June 6, 2009 a distracted tow truck driver initiated a sequence of events that would leave one man dead and others fighting for their lives. Michael Carver was killed when his Honda SUV was struck by the tow truck after it crashed through temporary concrete lane dividers. The tow truck then struck a… Read More »

Motorcycle Concussions

By utahbikelaw |

Concussions are in the news – for a couple of reasons. Sports players, especially football players suffer concussions. When one helmet cracks against another it imparts an amazing amount of force. Many athletes have been sidelined from concussions . Not usually from one concussion but from successive concussions. Once the brain has been rattled… Read More »

Scooter Classes

By utahbikelaw |

This is a reprint from a Salt Lake Tribune Article by Tom Wharton. I could not agree more. Scooter accident rates are not reported separately, but are included in statistics compiled for motorcycles. Keri Gibson, a safety specialist for the Utah Highway Safety Office, said the number of motorcycle accidents is increasing along with… Read More »

Be Safe On The Road During the ‘100 Deadliest Days’

By utahbikelaw |

Memorial day weekend is supposed to be a time of remembrance, for motorcycle riders however the ‘100 Deadliest Days’ begins. ‘100 Deadliest Days’ refers to the time between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day. During this time, the number of severe motorcycle and car accidents increases. According to a press release issued by UDOT,… Read More »

Dumb Showboat Stunt

By utahbikelaw |

I could not resist posting this link to what I have seen so many times at differnet bike rallies. Give it a look – do you think this guy: a) has been drinking? b) is showing off for some nearby ladies? c) has done this before or seen it done before? d) is just… Read More »

Suzuki Scooters are Neat

By utahbikelaw |

Ever wonder why Suzuki scooters are very popular in the market? Here are some reasons why a lot of people are very satisfied with their Suzuki scooters. Here is a blog from The Best Motorcycle Blog … Excellent Design – User-friendly and Efficient – Durable and Reliable The best thing about Suzuki scooters is… Read More »

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